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Prior to earning an MFA at Claremont Graduate School, Rodney received his Bachelor's Degree from Penn State in English/Poetry Writing.  His third self-published poetry book, entitled Fade, is available now.  The prior books were Chin Up and Juggling.  Click the tracks below to listen to Rodney recite some recently written poetry.
Click the "Buy Now" link to purchase the poetry book: Fade

the way to love

is uphill

and "are we there yet"


and greasy spoons

leftovers in tupperware

diapers rot for days

in station wagon compartments

cheese crackers crumbs

never go away

the way to love

is drying off after rain

with cotton towel

and downy smell

weeping willows

by marsh

lovers veiled in the mist

are never revealed

the way to love is bumpy

and things fall

out the back

latches don't hold

the way to love

is colored

like a picinic basket

and stands out

in the forest

the way to love

are dentures grinning

on polaroid

eating big cake

at anniversary party...

a poem

has its music

without instrument

lyrics not meant

for piano

sounds its own


a string

it strums


the melody...

imagine rain

summer mornings


you are a kid

warm green garden

think happy

play silly





and pictures

or before

make me feel


make me feel


sitting on a big couch

in pajamas

as parents heap praises

like second helpings

of mashed potatoes

and gravy


turkey sandwiches

and ice cream

at midnight

little pots

from first grade


like great art

we could of talked

till light

a hard hug goodnight

and happy

to be home

Rodney Mott Sketch



we create our prison

and live in a confine -

meant only for ourselves


our choices are the bars

  that hold us

or the keys

  that set us free

Common Heroes - Rodney Mott
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Begging for Bottom - Rodney Mott
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Island of Common Ground - Rodney Mott
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The Slow Fade into Tar - Rodney Mott
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